What is commercial ventilation?
Commercial ventilation systems can cover a wide range of commercial applications from retail, through to sport and leisure as well as office accommodation. We offer our services  in all of these areas and provide  ventilation solutions for each application based upon its special requirements. For example, offices with low ceilings and cool air conditioning temperatures will require low velocity air distribution
BS EN 15780:2011

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How can commercial ventilation improve air flow or work place Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?
Our commercial ventilation materials are light weight yet rugged and come with a 10 year warranty as standard, we have a range of air diffusion solutions and each individual system is designed bespoke to achieve the requirements of that project and then made to order. All details of your commercial vent system is considered from velocity, noise, air movement, suspension, aesthetics and future maintenance.
Restaurants have quite specific requirements for air movement with customers sitting down to eat and socialise for several hours. The last thing customers want is to feel air movement at their table.  Restaurant ventilation is essential for creating the perfect atmosphere for your clientele
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office vent
Issues often caused by insufficient air volume or – more likely – poor distribution of air within the space, so that parts of the office building are getting no fresh air or recirculated air at all.  Stale air leads to tiredness and illnesses and can create the situation known as sick building syndrome.
The right ventilation design for retail developments also supports the aesthetic vision of architects, becoming an integral part of the shopping centre’s look and feel.

Springfield is a specialist in ventilation design for retail developments and works with architects to create air movement systems that deliver the right balance of style and comfort.

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We all know that fitness centres and gyms can be quite cramped spaces, with low ceilings and high occupancy per metre squared; they are often squeezed into basements or over shops where the rooms are adapted to provide the space and equipment required for members to work out and relax. And yet, indoor air quality is often overlooked!
Labs typically require quite large volumes of make-up air to replace the air extracted through fume cupboards and other equipment.  The traditional system with rigid ducting and grilles inevitably creates issues with draughts, noise and balancing, not to mention cleaning.
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Regulation 6 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 states: “effective and suitable provision shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air”.

Therefore, it is essential to provide sufficient and appropriate ventilation in order to ensure a productive and safe working environment.