The Springfield Group have been providing control solutions for the past 8 years. Due to the growing demand for inverters, regulation changes and product intercompatibility our presence within this field have grown.

Control Solutions We Provide

  • Inverter control
    • Remote outstations or
    • In-built
  • Gas Interlock
    • In built or
    • Interfaced
    • Stand-alone

Springfield group use reliable solid state technology in most circumstances when installing Gas Interlock systems. These are ultra-reliable and will last a lifetime in comparison to air pressure switches

  • Air temperature control
    • Control all air conditioning units and or
    • Air handling units
  • BMS Integration
    • Input
    • Output
  • Fire Alarm Integration
    • Fault reporting
    • In built safety control
  • Boiler Controls
    • Timed
    • Safety controlled
  • Plus much much more


Why would you need control solutions?

Free Up Space

Why have a wall full of seperate controlllers?

By having custom controls you can place electrical equipment in a room out of sight. All can be replaced with a remote interface with all controls in one central location. A typical example of this would be where you have multiple fans and bulky controllers. See image

Fault Diagnosis

Panels will display fault lights. This can save time and money whereby diagnosis can be acheived without a site visit. This may save on multiple trips and reduction of downtime.

Less Wiring

One of the major features in having a control panel is there is usually only one cable feeding. Why have many cables in and out of controllers where you can just have one to many?!


Safety measures can be installed within panel configuration. An example of this would be where fans be required to shut down in the event of a fire. One simple relay within a panel can control the output of many fans.


Pre-Fabricated Solutions

All of our panels are made in-house


Prior to manufacture of your next control panel we will assess the equipment you are installing and what control measure require implementing


Our panels are designed using the latest in schematic design. These are drawn up and checked prior to build


Our panels are built following the production of full schematics signed off by the engineer, project manager and client. All terminals are numbered for a hassle free installation.


Whether or not you choose The Springfield Group for your electrical services all panels will be delivered with full instruction including wiring methods. On-site engineers will follow the cabling diagram and terminate into pre-assigned wiring terminals.


Start the process of having your new electrical systems designed, and installed by The Springfield Group

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