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Fan Mounting Feet

Fan Mounting Feet in Galvanised Steel

Flakt Woods 450 Powerbox Fan

Flakt Woods 450 Estoc Powerbox Fan, 67-450-3, 3ph electrical supply, full load current 1.33A, starting current 3.46A

Flakt Woods 500 Powerbox Fan

Woods 500 Diameter Powerbox Acoustic Fan, ESTOC 67-500-3 - UB675514, full load current 3.7A, Starting Current 17.76A

Flakt Woods 560 Powerbox Fan

Woods Esoc Powerbox 80-560-3, 3phase unit, starting current 20.16/11.76A, full load current 4.8/2.8A

Flakt Woods 630 Powerbox Fan

Flakt Woods 630 Estoc Powerbox Fan, 80-630-3, 3ph power supply, full Load current 6.6/4.45A, starting current 27.72/18.69A

Soler & Palau Cylindrical Cased Axial Flow Fans 630+ VFD Inverter 3.7kw

TCBTX2/4-630 (400V50HZ) V3 Range of cylindrical cased axial fans fitted with aluminium impellers and manufactured from high grade rolled galvanised