The UK’s #1 custom stainless steel fabrication manufacturer
Forget the floppy flatpack
Why go for cheap alternatives that just do not last?


Our fully welded range of fabrications will stand the test of time and save you money in the future. All are manufactured, welded and polished before they leave our factory so no messing around bolting together a weak flatpack alternative.

Tailor-made heavy duty bespoke fabrications, welded and polished made to order
Have you bought a stainless steel work bench and then thought I need an additional shelf or I want it the exact length I require not just to standard dimensions?


Why not try our Build Your Own section in our on-line store where you can order fabrications to your exact dimensions with many additional options that can be added.

Whatever the Stainless steel fabrication you require you can be sure we can manufacture it.

  • Wall tables
  • Centre tables
  • Sink units
  • Racking
  • Shelving
  • Hot cupboards
  • Urinals
  • Gantries & heated gantries
  • Ambient cupboards
  • Dishwash tabling
  • Hand rails
  • … and more! Just Ask!

All manufactured to the highest quality to maintain strength and lifespan




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EXAMPLE: Papa John’s Cut Box Station

This table is used to slice the pizza and box up before dispatch in their stores.

Chosen by Papa Johns for our build quality guaranteeing long life.


All corners are fully welded and polished to give a smooth finish


All corners are fully welded and polished to give a smooth finish

Top Shelf

  • Top over shelf to store smaller pizza size boxes


Undershelf for storage of large pizza boxes. Undershelf is also removable so access to clean under table is achievable

Work Surface

Work surface is 16guage stainless steel for extreme wear and tear