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ESP 3000

ESP 3000 Electrostatic Precipitator 1.4m/3/sec air volume NOTE: Please advise in order notes if your air flow is left to right OR right to left

ESP 4500

ESP 4500 electrostatic precipitator   2.1m3/sec air volume

Flakt Woods 450 Compac Max Fan 230v inverter

Flakt Woods 450 Compac Max Fan complete with inverter control, full load current 4.71A, starting current 25.5A

Flakt Woods 450 Powerbox Fan

Flakt Woods 450 Estoc Powerbox Fan, 67-450-3, 3ph electrical supply, full load current 1.33A, starting current 3.46A

Flakt Woods 450JM Axial Fan 230v

Flakt Woods 45JM/16/4/5/30 Axial fan, Fan Speed 1420rpm, Velocity 7.6 m/s

Flakt Woods 500 Cased Axial Fan 230v

Flakt Woods 500 Cased Axial Fan, 50JM/20/4/6/32, Fan Speed 1420rpm, Velocity 8.6m/s

Flakt Woods 500 Powerbox Fan

Woods 500 Diameter Powerbox Acoustic Fan, ESTOC 67-500-3 - UB675514, full load current 3.7A, Starting Current 17.76A

Flakt Woods 560 Cased Axial Fan 230v

Flakt Woods 560 Cased Axial Fan, 56JM/16/4/5/32, Fan Speed 1420rpm, Velocity 10.0 m/s

Flakt Woods 560 Powerbox Fan

Woods Esoc Powerbox 80-560-3, 3phase unit, starting current 20.16/11.76A, full load current 4.8/2.8A

Flakt Woods 630 Cased Axial Fan 230v

Flakt Woods 630 Diameter  axial Fan,  63JM/20/4/6/16/ , fan speed 1420 rpm, velocity 6.1m/s full load current 6.7A, starting current 13.5A, Noise volume 41db@3 meters (breakout)

Flakt Woods 630 diameter axial fan 400v

Overview The Flakt Woods JM axial flow extract fan range of cost effective highest quality long cased axials. We think

Flakt Woods 630 Powerbox Fan

Flakt Woods 630 Estoc Powerbox Fan, 80-630-3, 3ph power supply, full Load current 6.6/4.45A, starting current 27.72/18.69A